Incubation program

SABAH.incubation is a 3-month program that is designed for supporting teams and individuals to develop their startup idea, project it and make it ready for Accelerator.

Program timeline

  • Ideation

    2 weeks

    Work together with individuals & teams to formulate their ideas and create ideal teams based on their personal characteristics.

  • Validation

    2 weeks

    Experts will help teams with strategizing and developing a business plan, to create their first prototype or MVP.

  • Pitching

    2 weeks

    Practice your pitching skills to get ready for Venture day where you will get to meet investors and potential clients.

  • Analysis

    2 weeks

    Teams will be provided with all the necessary tools to understand their ideas in order to find the one to focus on.

  • MVP creation

    5 weeks

    Help teams develop an MVP so they can start testing real-life applications & gathering feedback to drive their progress.

    MVP creation

Admission process

  • Online application

    Online application

    Step 01

    Fill out the application form making sure you follow every step in the instructions, and upload all the necessary files.

  • Application screening

    Application screening

    Step 02

    SABAH.lab Incubation team will filter out all the applications, and select most suitable applications to the Interview stage.

  • Interview with Incubation team

    Interview with Incubation team

    Step 03

    We will review all the applications, select the best applications. At the end of this stage, final list of participants will be ready.

Support functions

  • Curriculum


    Practical educational program with startup-related sessions and workshops are delivered to our residents.

  • Mentorship


    Local mentors are dedicated to guide each team.

  • MVP creation

    MVP creation

    Our experts will be helping you reach MVP level for your startup.

  • 24/7 open office

    24/7 open office

    Any member is welcome to use the workspace according to their needs.

  • Investor and expert network

    Investor and expert network

    Access to a pool of experts to answer any industry particular questions and have a chance to get investment.

  • Ongoing coaching

    Ongoing coaching

    Ongoing coaching and progress tracking by SABAH.lab program team.

  • Government relations

    Government relations

    Access to government institutions to enable you open previously closed doors.

  • In-house support

    In-house support

    Free IT, Marketing, UI/UX, Finance & Accounting, and Legal support functions are provided at our Acceleration program.

  • Preperation for Accelerator

    Preperation for Accelerator

    To make the idea ready for Acceleration stage both locally and globally. 

  • Online library

    Online library

    Access to a library in which the materials, useful resources will be easy to review.

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